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his official bio, Léo earned two Distinguished Conduct Medals (DCMs) during World War II. was the only Canadian and one of three soldiers from the British Commonwealth to earn both DCMs. The first of his DCMs was earned in 1945 after an effective reconnaissance mission in Zwolle. However, his second DCM was received in 1966 after a successful combat mission in the -occupied city of Cologne.

After his death, was considered a hero by both the Canadians and Dutch. His former unit even gives an annual award to the toughest company. His legacy continues to live on in the city of Zwolle where the town of Zwolle is located. addition, the star constellation is named after him. honor of his great service, the province of Quebec has named its capital after him. You can read his biography to learn more about this remarkable soldier.

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was a young man during the Depression. volunteered to go on a reconnaissance mission with his friend Corporal Arseneault, but he was killed during the raid. The two men then launched an attack on a -occupied village. The force was so strong that the Germans fled in the middle of the afternoon. Sadly, the Germans did not survive his attack, and the town of Zwolle was liberated in a day.

A short biography focuses on his service in World War II. After serving in the army for several years, married and had four children. also had five grandchildren. His story lives on in a new documentary, : The One-Eyed Ghost, recently aired on Canadian television. Currently, a book based on his life is in the works. You can also watch the movie titled « : The One-Eyed Ghost,» which is a documentary that chronicles his time in World War II.

Although was raised in a working-class neighbourhood of Montreal, he served in the army as a Canadian. His career in the military is noteworthy in many ways, but it’s not always easy to understand the sacrifices that he made. His life was short, but it was devoted to serving his country. served bravely and did so without complaint. A biography will provide readers with insight into the enduring impact of his service.

While ’s life is a little sketchy, we can learn a lot from his accomplishments. This Canadian soldier was the only person to receive the DCM twice, and he is the only Canadian to do so. A bio will tell you all about this hero in history. The story of this heroic hero is a fascinating one. The Canadians have a long and proud history with , and his accomplishments are truly remarkable.

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