Bitcode Prime Trading App. Weird And Fascinating Way To Make Money Or Scam? Our Review!

A member of our staff was recently approached by someone on Facebook who offered him a new and fascinating way to generate passive income. That person, Jeremy Lyons then mentioned a software named Bitcode Prime.  Initially it seemed a bit fishy, so we were apprehensive. However, our curiosity prevailed and we decided to take a risk.

Bitcode Prime is advertised as a kind of trading robot which generates money on auto-pilot for its members. We were intrigued by this concept, and wanted to give it a go.

Initially, we were advised that it would be possible to generate around $1,200 daily using this system. However we quickly realized that things are not as they seem.

Almost immediately when we completed the signup process we were greeted by a very determined sales agent named Michael Fuches. Michael told us that in order to gain access to this new money-making opportunity we were required to invest at least $500. Later we learned that Michael is not really qualified to handle financial portfolios. But that’s a different story altogether.

To make a long story short, we ended up losing around $1,700. We could have easily ended up investing and losing more money if we continued. Fortunately, a bit of research on Bitcode Prime landed us on a website which explains in detail how the scam works and who is behind it.

We saw the article here: If you are seriously considering joining the Bitcode Prime scam we strongly advise you read this review. It’s too late for us, but for now we are content with getting the message out.

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