The 1904 Summer Olympics Men’s Marathon

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1904, the men’s marathon was a major event. It was held on 30 in St. , United States. The course was 24.85 miles long. The winning time was 3:36:13. The event was the first marathon to be held on a non-Hawaiian land. Its location and distance make it a popular choice for this competition.

The first man to finish the marathon legally was , a Hampshire resident. The drug was strychnine sulfate, which can stimulate the nervous system in small doses. The strychnine-laced brandy and egg whites were mixed together to give the extra edge he needed to complete the race. died during the race, and the odor of the poison left his body.

The St. marathon was a hot event. The temperature was 32 degrees Celsius and the race began and ended in a stadium. The course was on dusty country roads, with the race officials riding behind them in a car. Water was scarce, and the only source of water for the competitors was a well near the eleven-mile mark. As a result, the racers had to fight off the haze and heat.

Several countries were not invited to the St. Olympics, and most of the European nations balked at the slow travel and high cost. Only 12 countries participated, and the Americans made up the vast majority of athletes. More than half of the athletes were American, including Tau and Lordon. Despite the challenges of the course, the United States managed to win two-thirds of the medals, a near-sweep despite a lack of diversity.

At the 1904 summer olympics, the first legal marathon was conducted at the Marathon. The participants took strychnine sulfate, a common rat poison that stimulates the nervous system, and mixed it with egg whites and brandy. A day after the race, was carried on a stretcher, and he lost eight pounds.

During the 1904 summer olympics, Africa was not represented at the games. But it was represented at the games, and the country’s athletes were proud to compete in the games. The men’s marathon was one of the most popular events at the World’s . The athletes’ performances were closely watched throughout the games. However, the race was not a smooth one for all participants. The race was shortened by an hour and a half, and there were several injuries and deaths.

Only fourteen of the 32 competitors finished the race, and one of them passed out from too much dust. The winning time was the worst ever recorded at the Olympics. And the first African men’s marathon was held in St. , Missouri. While it is not an official Olympic sport, it did make history by being the first African-based marathon in history. addition, the first black athletes at the Olympics were astonished by their color and raced in porkpie hats.

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